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Ideas To Inspire

Providing peer support opportunities

Providing peer support opportunities. 

Evidence based social emotional curriculums

Advocate for and implement evidence based social emotional curriculums in school districts. 

Mentor to model coping and problem solving

Serve as a mentor to youth to help model positive coping and problem-solving skills. 

Screen for firearms

Screen for firearms in the home and safe storage practices at primary care provider visits. 

Educate on safe storage

Educate your community on individual safe storage practices for medication and firearms.

Provide ED CALM

Provide Emergency Department Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (ED CALM) in hospitals across Cumberland County. 

Offer overdose prevention and Naloxone training

Offer overdose prevention and Naloxone training. 

Distribute Naloxone

Distribute Naloxone.

Partnerships to create new strategies for those at risk

Build partnerships between city, county and state agencies as well as local stakeholders to create new and innovative strategies for residents at risk of or struggling with substance use disorder. 

Distribute free or low-cost firearm locks or firearm safes

Distribute free or low-cost firearm locks or firearm safes.