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Ideas To Inspire

Connect Employees and Public to Resources

Connect employees and public to resources that address critical needs and reduce barriers that prevent people from accessing these programs (i.e. 211 materials)

Fund Programs that Focus on Both Parents and Children

Fund programs that focus on both parents and children, such as attachment-based treatment for children focused on parent-child relationship.

Advocate for Primary Prevention Services

Advocate for law requiring focus on wellness and primary prevention services both parent and child focused.

Develop a System at Clinics to Determine Children At Risk

Develop a system at primary care clinics which includes screening, referrals, and follow-up to determine children at risk regarding basic social-emotional needs. 

Create a Toll-Free Trauma Screening Number

Create a toll-free trauma screening number staffed by social workers with the goal to screen, provide resources and materials, refer to external providers, and provide follow-up services for children exposed to trauma.

Promote Self-Care Education

Promote self-care education for educators and providers to address secondary traumatic stress. 

Resilience Training for Educators

Train early childcare and school teachers on emotional communication, resilience, and positive interactions with children; continue ongoing consultation with teachers.

Establish or Join an Early Childhood Business Coalition

Establish or join an early childhood business coalition made of business leaders to educate peers and the public and raise funds. 

Advocate for Policies that Help Students Reach Milestones

Advocate at state or local level for policies and funding focused on helping students reach important milestones. 

Participate in Mentor Programs that Provide Academic Support

Participate in on-going mentor program with schools or out-of-school providers to engage paired students through one-to-one or group meetings providing social and academic support.