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Ideas To Inspire

Host playgroup sessions

Host infant/toddler playgroup sessions for children entering kindergarten to enhance social-emotional skills and early literacy while parents attend workshops to receive education on their involvement in early literacy and positive parenting practices.

Hold a Book Drive

Hold a book drive for new, high quality, developmentally appropriate books in coordination with community or school needs.

On-Site Trainings on Early Childhood Development

Host on-site trainings for employees to educate them on early childhood development, providing tools to help them implement strategies at home or in other interactions.

Advocate for Increased Summer SNAP Funding

Advocate for increased SNAP funds for families over the summer to supplement for children who lose access to school meals.

Integrate Food Insecurity Screenings with Health Visits

Develop a plan with pediatricians to integrate food insecurity screenings into regularly scheduled health maintenance visits that include necessary education, referral, and follow-up with families.

Integrate food access information with community hubs

Integrate education about and access to nutritious food with a community hub where families receive other necessary resources to achieve self-sufficiency.

Fund breakfasts or snacks at schools

Fund school breakfasts or quality, nutritious snacks for classrooms.

Offer Universal-Free Breakfasts

Offer universal-free breakfasts at before-school programming or integrate free breakfast into school daytime.

Fund a Mobile Food Unit

Fund a mobile food unit that goes to social service sites children and families already visit such as health clinics or community hubs. Volunteer to help distribute the food.

Promote Multiple Career Pathways

Build awareness and increase exposure to potential job seekers about different career options and specifics of how to access them.