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Ideas To Inspire

Advocate for Policies that Help Students Reach Milestones

Advocate at state or local level for policies and funding focused on helping students reach important milestones. 

Participate in Mentor Programs that Provide Academic Support

Participate in on-going mentor program with schools or out-of-school providers to engage paired students through one-to-one or group meetings providing social and academic support.

Fund 2-Gen Programs that Develop Academic Skills

Fund two generational programs that develop language, math and reading skills such as simultaneous infant toddler playgroups and parent workshops.

Provide Parents with At-Home Development Tools

Provide parents with education and accessible tools to engage with their children at home to promote early development and learning.

Professional Development for Early Education Professionals

Provide evidence-based professional development and assessment for preschool and early education teachers in effective math and literacy instructional techniques. 

Establish a Child Hunger Task Force

Establish a local child hunger task force in your district in collaboration with key community partners.

Book Group Discussion on Childhood Success Skills

Host an ongoing book group discussion with employees or peers incorporating books around supporting children in the skills necessary to succeed and thrive.

Advocate for Social-Emotional Learning Improvements

Advocate for state level participation in support of social-emotional learning improvements.

Promoting Volunteering as an Adult Role Model

Promote volunteering as a mentor or guest for after-school programs pairing students with positive adult role models.

Host an after-school program

Host an after-school program that focuses on social and emotional learning curriculum pairing a student with a positive adult role model.