Cumberland County is a great place to live and work, but we can do better. Thrive2027 is our community’s collective vision for how to make our region even stronger for everyone who calls it home.

Thrive2027 is three ten-year goals created by and for the community. They collectively serve as a blueprint for a stronger Cumberland County and will help:

  • More children have a strong start in school so that they are reading at grade level by the end of third grade.

  • More people have the education and employment opportunities they need so that they can afford to live and work in Cumberland County.

  • More of our neighbors live longer, healthier lives.



Dozens of leaders from businesses, non-profits, government, and schools are leading our efforts. These individuals are committed to creating change by providing leadership, mobilizing public support, and working together in a new, more intentional way. And hundreds of organizations are signing on to help. 


Behind all our work, there are people and organizations who get involved in big and small ways to ensure a better future for our community. Your involvement is our most powerful resource. Together, we can reach our goals of a better future for Cumberland County.


Join us!

  • Raise public awareness by talking to neighbors and friends or distributing Thrive2027 information to employees or civic groups.

  • Declare your public support of the Thrive2027 Goals. 

  • Identify specific actions your organization will make to impact one or more of the Thrive2027 goals, such as establishing a program where employees become mentors, tutors, or academic coaches.

If you want to discuss how your organization can get involved, we’d love to hear from you at Together, we can help more thrive by making long-lasting change in this community. Our community. 


Thrive2027 Goals are grounded in data and reflect the hopes and dreams of thousands throughout Cumberland County. They provide a clear, unifying path forward to a better future for everyone.